Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Creative and consistent visual elements that differentiate your brand from the others. Designing a strong visual identity that is easily recognisable and promotes your company values and business goals to your customers.


New businesses need to define who they are and what they want. Established brands might want to change direction or rebrand their identity to freshen things up. Ultimately brands need to develop personalities that resonate well with customers, raise awareness and build brand loyalty.


Working together we can clarify your business and its values. Researching your market helps identify your target audience and allows us to create customer personas. First impressions still count and I design professional brand identities that customers relate to and remember.


Recognisable graphic symbol or wordmark that identifies your business in its simplest form and influences how your brand is perceived.


Typefaces can affect how people perceive your brand so it's important fonts have the right personality, legibility, flexibility and consistency.


Colour is more than a visual aid and can actually influence emotions and behaviour as well as significantly increase brand awareness.


Images that grab attention and capture the imagination can inspire particular emotions and create meaningful feelings towards your brand.

Graphic Elements

Secondary elements can include icons, patterns, shapes and textures and help tie together your identity and complement your brand.

Tone of Voice

The words you use and the way you portray the character of your business both written and spoken define how people perceive your business.


Some examples of previous work which I’m happy to discuss with you.